5 motivi per cui scegliere il Pet Bar

5 reasons to choose the Pet Bar


It has been less than a month since the official launch of the Pet Bar and so many things have already happened: the days are going by quickly, the events calendar is filling up and we couldn't be happier with how this new service has been received.

In this article we want to tell you about 5 reasons so choose to activate the Pet Bar in your shop and we will show you some images of our latest event at the boutique For Pets Only in Milan:

  • 1. People are increasingly attached to their pets and, when possible, they also take them with them to events, press days, inaugurations: offer them aunique and dedicated experience it can only be a winning strategy for your brand.
  • 2.  Not just pet shops: the Pet Bar can be activated anywhere, not necessarily in a pet shop; if your business and your customers are pet-friendly, why not offer a catering service for both humans and pets?
  • 3. Fun and interactions: by personalizing the Pet Bar with your coordinated image, you will have a new marketing tool engaging; the photo of the dog intent on eating its cup customized with your logo will become a new way to talk about the brand.
  • 4. Healthy and colourful: all the recipes have been studied with a veterinary nutritionist in order to be completely safe for our 4-legged friends: zero lactose, zero sugar, zero gluten. We can play with the colors that nature offers us, such as superfoods and beetroot, concepts that are perfectly in line not only with our values but also with the food trends of the moment.
  • 5.Small size, big impact: with its 1.20 m length, the Pet Bar can be placed inside events as an experience corner, occupying a very small space. If, on the other hand, you have more space, it will be possible to create a super instagrammable photo booth for you!


But how is it possible to personalize the Pet Bar?

We know perfectly how important it is to respect the coordinated image of a brand and for this reason no detail is left to chance.

Personalization is the watchword!

The Pet Bar service is modular according to your needs: from the customization of the cup to the counter, passing through the colors of the mousse (as far as possible and using only and exclusively natural colourings) to the shape of the biscuits, the style of the props, and so on.

Here are some examples of the Christmas-themed Pet Bar made for For Pets Only: customized mini pet cup with logo, menu with Christmas graphics designed according to the mood of the event, recipes studied ad hoc and set-up in the colors of gold and transparent.

pet cup pet bar natale
 Allestimento che richiama la grafica coordinata del brand



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