Pet Bar: what it is and who it is for

A new fun, social, inclusive and unique experience: this is the Pet Bar.

The service is aimed above all at companies and consists of an experience corner made up of a mobile bar completely dedicated to our four-legged friends.

Delicious and healthy Mini Pet Cups, beautiful to see and photograph, customizable with your coordinated image.

The Pet Bar represents a new and current tool to convey the image of your brand at events, press days, inaugurations, etc.

If you want to stand out from everyone else and really keep up with the times, choose the Pet Bar for your next event!


Mini Pet Cups: a delicious and safe treat

Our Pet Cups are carefully designed with the utmost attention to the needs of dogs; free of lactose and free of added sugars, all the recipes have been developed with the support of Dr. Alice Chierichetti , expert in veterinary nutrition and represent an absolutely safe whim for our friends.

The mousses are based on Greek yogurt and enriched with fresh fruit, biscuits, etc. for a truly surprising final effect.

The creams can also be colored and / or flavored with fruit and vegetable powder: a 100% sustainable and natural solution that will make the experience even more magical.


Let's be social

When organizing an event it is of fundamental importance to involve and amaze your guests.

In an increasingly pet-friendly world it is common to move and live your social life with your dog: our mission is to offer a moment completely dedicated to pets even at corporate events, without losing focus on the brand image and on the message it wants to convey.

For this reason we offer a series of exclusive customizations, from the cup itself to the counter to the photo corner.

The Pet Bar can be developed and customized tailored to your event, further increasing the number of social interactions: which pet parent wouldn't share a similar moment?