What does the Pet Bar consist of?

The Pet Bar is an experience corner dedicated to dogs; a real mobile bar designed to add a pet-friendly, fun and social proposal to your next event!

Who is the Pet Bar for?

The service is mainly aimed at companies wishing to amaze guests at their press day, event, product launch, inauguration, etc.

The Pet Bar will be able to win the hearts of all those people who always move with their dog and who will certainly appreciate the novelty!

Furthermore, for a companies, inserting an up-to-date and new proposal of this type is synonymous with inclusiveness and avant-garde.

The Pet Bar can also be activated for non business customers upon request.

How is the Pet Bar structured?

The Pet Bar complete with all the elements consists of a counter customized with our logo, a series of accessories for the preparation of the mousse and a photo booth with a bench and plants for your Instagram stories.

I wish there wasn't your logo, is that possible?

Of course, with a surcharge we can make all the elements neutral, without logos and possibly cover the counter to make it white or another color of your choice.

Upon request it is possible to customize the elements following the coordinated image of your brand.

How can I customize the Pet Bar for my event?

The Pet Bar allows customization tailored to your needs: it will be possible to customize the cups, the counter, the photo area and, when possible, the recipes.

The greater the number of customizations required, the more time we will need, so remember to contact us well in advance.

How much does the service cost?

The cost of the service is calculated according to the needs, quantities, duration of the event and optional extras.

For a detailed quote write to hey@petpwr.com indicating as many details as possible.

In which cities is the service available?

Pet Pwr is based in Milan, Italy but the service is available upon request throughout Europe.

Depending on the location to be reached, an extra will be calculated for travel costs.

The more the venue of the event is distant and difficult to reach, the more important the travel costs will be.

How can I request a personalized quote?

You can send an email to hey@petpwr.com.